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Celebrating the Pantsuit in Politics and Dress For Success

Margaret Thatcher always insisted that a woman in politics could lead – and still look feminine. Before her time, women in politics essentially wore a feminized version of the male power suit. The Iron Lady made her mark on political fashion with her elegantly tailored suits in different colors and inspired future generations of women […]

High-end Fashion at Susannah BH

When we think about high-end fashion, we tend to think of the images we see in high-end magazines. We see evocative designs, rich fabrics and interesting colors. This immediately makes us think that high-end fashion is out of our reach. We also wonder how practical certain items would be for use in our ordinary daily […]

Dress for Success with Susanna BH

As a person in the business world today, it is important to you that you come across as confident so that you are taken seriously by your peers and others. Success today plays out in more than just the workplace, however. You also want to make sure that you have the elegance and confidence that […]

Why Choose High-End Fashion?

We all want to look our best all the time so that we make the best impression or feel good about ourselves. The question then becomes just what steps will we take to achieve that great look. There are so many fashion options out there today, and fashion seems to change almost daily, that it […]

Susanna Beverly Hills – the Place to Go for Your Custom Clothes

As a career woman, you know it is important that your clothes look your best all of the time. The image you portray at work and away from the office is important to help let people know that you are successful, confident and experienced in what you do. The clothing you wear needs to help […]

How to Dress for Success in Business

As a woman in the business world today, you know how difficult it can be to get noticed for the hard work and effort you put in. You want to be recognized for your achievements just like everyone else, and you want to be taken seriously, so people know you are an expert in your […]

Hillary Clinton Style – StyleBistro

Hillary Clinton Style – StyleBistro

Hillary Clinton Silk Scarf Hillary’s patterned silk scarf peeks out from under a black jacket, both designed by Susanna Beverly Hills. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Bernard Kouchner, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the French Republic take questions from reporters during a news conference at the State Department on February 5, 2009 in […]

A luxurious White Pantsuit perfect for evening summer events

A luxurious White Pantsuit perfect for evening summer events

Throughout history white garments have defined themselves in an aura of purity. The White Pantsuit is placed with pristine cuts and contemporary fitting, giving any woman an air of unmatched confidence. The work speaks for itself, as the power suit continues to hold its place in the wardrobe of influential woman across the globe.

Hillary Clinton’s New Book “Hard Choices”

Hillary Clinton’s New Book “Hard Choices”

Hillary Clinton’s triumph as Secretary of State serves a historical landmark for women in politics. Maintaining the image of elite professionalism is vital to her career in politics. Standing the test of time, this ensemble communicates both power and elegance.