Celebrating the Pantsuit in Politics and Dress For Success

Margaret Thatcher always insisted that a woman in politics could lead – and still look feminine. Before her time, women in politics essentially wore a feminized version of the male power suit.

The Iron Lady made her mark on political fashion with her elegantly tailored suits in different colors and inspired future generations of women on politics to find their own style and dress for success with confidence.

Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits

Hillary Clinton is another politician who has taken power dressing to the next level. With tailored pants and longer jackets skimming the hip and nipped in at the waist, she has proved that women in politics can dress comfortably and still look professional and feminine – even when traveling.

Many of Hillary Clinton’s signature suits were stitched in the first floor of the Susanna BH boutique in Beverly Hills. In the workshop is a photo album full of shots of Clinton wearing our designer pantsuits.

Susanna Chung Forest met Clinton at a fundraiser, was introduced to her by mutual friends and started talking fashion with her. This resulted in her being invited to Clinton’s hotel suite to take measurements. We made a permanent mannequin based on Clinton’s body, as we do with all our clients.

Susanna’s clients are mostly elegant, older women who appreciate comfort and yet still want to look their best in classic designs. Her Luxury Travel Collection includes upscale travel-ready sweatshirts and sweatpants that offer comfort and style.

Matching jacket-and-trouser combos

Women in power, including high profile politicians, have been coming to our boutique for over forty years. Recently, they have gone crazy for matching jacket-and-trouser combos.

Simple, elegant pantsuits, preferably in a lighter fabric that does not wrinkle and is easy to pack, are becoming an essential part of their wardrobes. One of the upsides of wearing pantsuits is that they don’t have to worry about pantyhose!

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, took her oath of office wearing one of her signature elegant pantsuits. Women like Nancy, Michelle Obama and Condoleezza Rice all show that to dress for success can imply professionalism and competence without ever looking boring or too conservative.

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