High-end Fashion at Susannah BH

When we think about high-end fashion, we tend to think of the images we see in high-end magazines. We see evocative designs, rich fabrics and interesting colors. This immediately makes us think that high-end fashion is out of our reach.

We also wonder how practical certain items would be for use in our ordinary daily lives. Are we wrong or are there some benefits that come from buying high-end fashion?

What is high-end fashion?

High-end fashion usually appeals to sophisticated, discerning customers. It exudes elegance because it is usually made from the finest quality materials and fits perfectly. Clothes are made to flatter the figure. Many women have issues with their bodies and when they dress in high-end clothing, they have more confidence and feel empowered.

We all love to wear clothes with quality and style. At the same time, we need clothing that works well for us in our offices as well as in recreational settings. Trying to find the perfect balance is often challenging. Susanna BH provides that type of balance in women’s clothing.

Susanna Has the Reputation

Susanna Chung Forest started out in 1976 as a small haute couture fashion house in Beverly Hills and has provided women with luxurious, high-quality clothing for over 40 years.

Despite the growth of the business, customers still receive personal attention and the unique, personalized customization they want most. Some of the world’s most powerful and elite women have come through the doors of the boutique over the years, including high profile politicians, corporate executives, Hollywood actresses, lawyers, judges, and members of the Fortune 500.

Hillary Clinton is one of the high profile politicians and famous Hollywood actress clients she has dressed include Barbra Streisand and Carol Burnett. Susanna has also worked with royalty, such as the Sultans, the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

Why buy high-end clothing?

If you are wondering whether high-end clothing is worth the cost, here are some reasons to consider it. We use the phrase ‘dress to impress’ for a reason.

If you’re heading into work in a smart designer suit, you will feel more confident and this confidence will come across in your meetings, presentations and whatever you do. Clothing made from quality material also lasts far longer than budget clothing. You will wear it for much longer and easily make up for the initial expense.

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Fill in the online contact form on the website and we will contact you or call us on (310) 276-7510 to make an appointment. You will meet the staff and be able to choose items for your wardrobe from our tailored, elegant clothes.

Our designs and styles will give you that confidence you’re looking for. You are also able to get custom-made clothing that will fit you perfectly whether you want to wear it as business attire or for a special occasion.