Susanna Beverly Hills – the Place to Go for Your Custom Clothes

As a career woman, you know it is important that your clothes look your best all of the time. The image you portray at work and away from the office is important to help let people know that you are successful, confident and experienced in what you do. The clothing you wear needs to help you make a statement and to do this, it needs to fit you perfectly. As much as you may like some of the suits and outfits you find in some stores, without a custom tailored look to it, the sizing is never going to be perfect, and the outfit may never look quite right. If you are looking for a place, you can go to get beautiful custom designs and clothes, the place for you to turn in Susanna Beverly Hills.

The Quality Options You Want

Our design house offers you just the quality options you are looking for in a clothing line. While we offer several ready-to-wear collections that are suitable for women in business, we made our mark in the fashion world with our custom design work and our made-to-measure clothing lines. We know how important it is that your clothing fits you perfectly so that you can convey the message of confidence and success you need in the business world. That is why we work closely with all of our clients to create the perfect look that is suited just for you.

The History of Success

At Susanna Beverly Hills, we have over forty years of experience in the fashion industry and know what makes the career woman look and feel her best. Our founder, Susanna Chung Forest, has made her mark on the industry as a top fashion designer and we have clients all over the world that come to us when they want the best in custom clothing. We regularly work with corporate executives, lawyers, judges, politicians, captains of industry, actresses and Fortune 500 members so that they can achieve the elegance and style they want most in their clothing.

Come See Us

If you are looking for beautiful, custom clothes that are perfect for the season for your business and career wear, then come to us at Susanna Beverly Hills. You can make an appointment to come to our store and showroom simply by calling us at 310-276-7510. You can also take a look at some of the work we have done and get a look at our latest lines when you visit our website at