Susanna Beverly Hills and the Hillary Clinton Look

Susanna Beverly Hills and the Hillary Clinton Look

Brilliant careers call for brilliant design, and Susanna Beverly Hills answers the call with the Hillary Clinton Look.

Since 2008, Susanna Chung Forest has been the force behind the Hillary Clinton Look.  Her company, Susanna Beverly Hills, created Hillary Clinton’s now famous tangerine pantsuit for the Democratic National Convention which garnered international attention because of its unique color and style.  Criss-crossing the country during her presidential campaign, traveling the world as Secretary of State, and right up to the present, Ms. Clinton’s pantsuits have become her fashion signature.  She has graced the covers and pages of many national publications–Newsweek, Time, Harper’s Bizarre, Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Los Angeles Times–wearing the iconic pantsuits designed by Susanna Beverly Hills.
Hillary Clinton, the self-proclaimed “pantsuit aficionado,” was recently heard joking at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards about creating a reality show called “Project Pantsuit,” featuring her now famous pantsuit wardrobe.

Ms. Clinton’s colorful pantsuits have inspired many celebrities to ditch their gowns in favor of the pantsuit. Celebrities such as Judge Judy, Carol Brunette, Barbara Streisand, Cybil Shepard, Connie Sellecca, Kim Delaney, Barbara Eden, members of the Saudi Royal Family, and many more, have been seen wearing Susanna Beverly Hills pantsuits as their fashion statement of choice.

It’s easy to tell when Hillary Clinton is wearing a Susanna Beverly Hills pantsuit because it fits and accentuates her figure perfectly. Susanna is careful to tailor all of her designs to complement her clients’ unique figures and needs. Susanna’s pantsuits are made-to-order and ready-to-wear in a variety of colors. Contact Susanna Beverly Hills to get your own Hillary Clinton Look.

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