Hillary Clinton And Angela Merkel Love Pantsuits

Hillary Clinton And Angela Merkel Love Pantsuits

Hillary Clinton PantsuitHillary Clinton is know for her love of a good pantsuit. She has just about every single color of pantsuits which made up her fashion choice during her time as Secretary of State while traveling the world. Hillary Clinton's designer Susanna Beverly Hills is behind most of Clinton's signature pantsuit designs. The Beverly Hills designer began designing pant suits for Clinton during her campaign to run fo rPresident of the United States. 

Prior to Clinton's State dinner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is herself a pantsuit fan, poked some gentle fun at the Secretary of State's wardrobe, via an unusual gift--taking care to tell Clinton that "you may take it in a playful mode."

Merkel presented Clinton with a framed copy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper featuring an Associated Press photo of the two leaders during the Secretary of State's visit to Germany this past April.

Upon seeing the photo, Clinton, who has frequently joked about her love of pantsuits, hooted with laughter.

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