Beverly Hills Womens Fashion Luxurious Custom Made Clothing


Susanna Beverly Hills

designs and creates exquisite custom made-to-measure and
ready-to-wear womens designer couture clothing for the most
elite women around the world.

Her clients

include the most powerful women in the world as well as
members of royal families, first ladies, judges, entertainers,
politcians, lawyers, CEOs of major corporations, wives of
Fortune 500 members and many more…

She is a pioneer

revolutionizing the way women of the world look and feel about
themselves. Through her designs she instills confidence, creates
success and inspires greatness.

Made in Beverly Hills

Susanna Beverly Hills’ collection consists of hand-stitched
custom-made to measure clothing and ready-to-wear clothing
designed in the heart of World-Famous Beverly Hills.
New collections are designed every Spring/Summer
and Fall/ Winter Season.

Highly coveted fashion

Susanna Beverly Hills is one of the most successful retail stores in
the world per square foot.